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Council Staff Members

Abernathy, Don           Started 8/72 as SE, transferred to Mobile, AL as SE 10/79


Akerman, John            Started 10/1/82 as Field Executive, Resigned 10/84, became SE Southwest Fl., Area director of Area 7 Southern Region, SE                                         Occoneecee Council


Atkinson, Aubrey L.    Started as DE in Wilmington 6/15/53, to Uwharrie Council 7/1/56


Atkinson, Keith           Started 1/18/02 as DE in Central, gone by 8/05


Anderson, John H.       Started 6/8/92 as DE in Western District


Angley, Jr., Floyd Wilson   Started 5/1/69 as DE in Western District  

Auger, Dick                 Started 1/1/48 replacing Beathea, moves to Wilmington as ASE 1/1/49 transferred to Central NC Council 3/3/51, retired as SE                                       Tuscarora 6/1/81

Baker, Courtland W.    Started 2/15/43 as SE, transferred to Spartanburg, SC as SE 4/30/47

Ballard, Garland         Resigned as DE Central 8/31/79

Barbour, Ron             Started 7/1/76 as DE in Central, came from West Palm Beach,FL council

Barnhart, Roy            Retirement announced 5/27/80

Batts, Don                   Started 3/18/68 as DE in Whiteville, still listed 1/1/71, gone by 1/1/72

Bayles, Adam              Listed as DE in Western 10/06

Beal, Larry                   Started 10/4/67 as DE in Central District, still listed 1/1/71, gone by 1/1/72

Beall, Bryon                Listed as new Exploring Executive 5/11/82

Beane, Garat              Started as DE for Lakes 4/11/11, came from SDE Greater Alabama Council

                                                            Transferred to Old North State Council 7/1/12 as SDE

Beathea, Charles L.      Listed 1/1/48 as moving from Robeson, Columbus & Bladen to Wilmington as Asst. SE, transferred to NE Georgia 1/1/49 as Field Executive

Belcher, Chris              Started as DE in Northeast Cape Fear District March 10,2014

Blake, Edwin               Listed as new DE in Western 11/98

Boggs, Matthew          Started 2/1/2013 as DE in Northeast Cape Fear District left 1/31/2014

Boykin, Patrick            Started as Director of BSA Sports Club 8/15/94, listed as DE Coastal (NH) 11/96, SDE 10/17/97, became Field Director 6/16/2000

Braden, Tim                 Started 1/1/97 as DE in Lakes

Brayton, Bob               Started late 7/95 as DE in Central District, gone by 11/97

Britt, Jonathan            Started 7/5/11 as DE in Coastal District

Brothers, C. D.             Started 8/1929 as SE, resigned 8/30/32

Brown, Jody                Listed as DE in Lakes 11/96

Bull, Matt                     Listed 4/15/08 as DE in Western, 4/2009 DE for Central & Western Districts, became

     Development Director 9/17/10

Bullard, David             Started as DE in Lakes 7/16/2000, gone by 7/03

Burch, Michael            New DE in Western 10/84, still listed 9/86 as DE Western, left council & returned as Field Director 2/91

Cabeza, John             Transferred in from Occoneechee as DE in Western 2/15/81, becomes Field Director 10/84, transferred to                                      North Florida as Director of Field Service 4/26/90, transferred to Shreveport, LA (Norwela) as SE 3/94,                                        transferred to St. Petersburg, FL (West Central FL) as SE 4/98, transferred to New Orleans (Southeast LA)                                  8/05 as SE, transferred to Denver (Denver Area) 2/10 as SE


Campbell, Dick            Listed 9/15/71 as DE in Central, effective 1/1/75 DE in Coastal


Carroll, Ron                 Started 11/79 as SE, transferred to Orlando, FL as SE, 8/16/85, became SE National Capital Area Council


Caulkins, Bill               Introduced 9/19/06 as Camp Ranger, gone by 6/10/08


Chappell, Stephen        Listed 9/1/87 as DE in Coastal, still listed 3/89

Chavis Guy                Introduced as DE 1/16/73, effective 1/1/75 in Central

Clark Brandon            Started as DE in Lakes 8/12/13


Clifton, Dan                 Started 8/1/85 as SE, transferred to Roanoke, VA as SE 9/89


Clemmons, Chris         Listed as DE in Coastal (P&B) 10/90, gone by 10/91


Clevinger, H. Douglas  Started as SE 11/89


Cornwell, Neil             Started 1/1/51, transferred to Region 6 as Deputy RE 4/30/55 Field Executive Suwannee River Council 1947


Crane, N. B.                 Started 1/1/1933 as SE, resigned 12/31/35


Croom, Mac                 Listed as DE in Coastal (NH) 10/93, gone by 11/96

Davis, Carey                Introduced 6/10/08 as Camp Ranger

Dickson, Tommy         Started fall 86 as DE Central, became Council Exploring Executive 8/1/88, still in position 3/89, 8/89 listed as                               DE Coastal (P&B) plus Exploring in Coastal (NH)


Dye, Richard               Field Director 7/1/90, becomes Program Director 11/1/90

Earley, Gary                Started 6/1/86 as DE in Coastal (with Magdanz)

Edwards, Joseph D.     Started 9/4/48 replacing James E. (K or R ?) Taylor in Cumberland & Bladen.

                                    1/1/49 replaces Beathea as Field Scout Executive in Coastal & Pender


Ferriera, Ted                Started 7/15/43 as Field Scout Executive in Wilmington District


Fogleman, Francis K.   Started July, 1961 as DE in Wilmington, resigned by 5/16/62

Franks, H. Ray             Started August 1980 as DE in Coastal, became DE/Multi Person 1/82, transferred to Louisville, KY as Exploring Director 6/85,                                         became Director of Support Service in 1987, transferred to Huntington, WV as SE 6/95, transferred to Kinston, NC as SE 10/15/08


Garrison, Jeff              Started as DE in Waccamaw & Bladen Lakes 3/1/81


Gaskins, C. M.             Listed 6/20/44 as Field Scout Ex in Fayetteville, still listed 10/18/44, resignation accepted 11/26/45


Gill, Ben                      Listed as DE in Lakes 3/06


Glenham, Trey             Director of BSA Sports Club 11/01, listed as DE in Northeast Cape Fear 11/03, Became Field Director 1/1/13


Gourley, Steven           Listed as DE in Brunswick 3/06


Griffith, Floyd             Started 10/4/1926 as SE, left 4/21/27

Hardee, Parker            Left as DE Central by 5/11/82


Harden, Jim                 Listed as DE in Lakes 8/86, still listed 9/87

Hatcher, Daniel            Started as DE in Lakes 8/15/2012, resigned 8/23/12


Harniman, John           Introduced 4/17/07 as DE in Lakes, introduced as Development Director 9/23/08, resigned 9/17/10


Harris, Marc                 Listed as DE in Brunswick 8/05

Haycraft, Sam           Started 4/1/77 as DE in Waccamaw


Hedgepeth, Phillip       Listed as DE in Lakes 1/92


Howard, Trey              Listed as DE in Brunswick 9/02, SDE by 9/16/03, gone by 8/05


Ingram, Chris               Listed as ? in 12/84

James, David             Name change from David Stramara 9/03, listed as SDE in Western 11/03, listed as DE in Central 8/05, promoted to Finance Director                               8/1/07, listed as DE in Lakes fall 08, retired effective 11/30/09


Jones, George              Listed as DE in Masonboro 11/03, gone by 8/05


Johnson, Craig             Listed as DE in Western 3/89, gone by 10/91


Johnson, Harold          Started 4/1/67 as DE in Wilmington, resigns 2/15/69


Joyner, John                Listed 11/15/57 in Whiteville, still listed 1/1/62 to Coastal 8/15/62


Kelly, Doug L.             Started 5/5/55 as District SE in Central & Western, by February 1970 retired as SE West Point Georgia Council


King, Douglas W.        Listed 6/20/44 in Lumberton, 9/21/44 in Wilmington (worked with divisions) Terminated 9/1/48 

Knott, Carl T.               Started 2/18/49 in Robeson, Scotland, Hoke & Bladen replacing Auger.   Transferred 11/15/1951 to Central SC Council 

Lane, Al                       Started as SE 5/70, transferred to Ashville as Field Director 6/72 (resignation accepted by board 5/8/72)

Lane, Lewis                  Listed 12/11/61 as DE in Laurinburg


Lanphere, Paul             Started 8/1/56? In South Central & Pender Districts


Lee, Graham                Listed 9/15/71 as DE in Coastal, transferred to East Carolina Council 10/15/72

Lee, J. Oatley               6/20/44 in Lumberton, 9/21/44 in Lumberton, South Central & Bladen. Listed

                                    Listed 6/11/47 as Asst. SE, resigns 1/1/48


Liles, David L.             Started 5/1936 as SE, resigned 12/31/42

Louden, James L.        Listed 9/15/71 as part of professional staff


Lucas, Allen W.           Listed 2/23/61, resigned 6/15/61 (may have been reemployed)


Luckie, E. M.               Started 9/1/50 as Negro Field Executive


MaKay, Andy              Camp Ranger, employed 5/1/79, retired 6/1/95


Maquire, Rodney         Started as DE in Western 3/2/98, gone by 11/98


McDuffie, Norman      Listed as DE in Brunswick 3/1/2000, gone by 9/02


Magdanz, Greg            Listed as DE in Coastal 9/86, still listed 9/87


McGarry, Dennis         Listed as new DE in Lakes June 1994, gone by 10/96

McLeod, Jason            Hired 11/1999.  Started as DE in Coastal B District 1/1/2000, Coastal B was temporary name for Northeast Cape Fear District, name was used in                                    Jan/Feb 2000 issue of THE TIDE, becomes Finance Director 11/01, Field Director 12/15/2002.  Resigned 12/31/2005.

McNeely, Dick            Listed 1/1/72 as Neighborhood Executive, began 12/15/71, resigns effective 10/15/72 but withdraws,

  10/17/72 introduced as DE in Coastal, becomes program director 1/1/75

Mitchell, Don    Listed 1/1/71 as DE in Western,  still listed 1/1/72


Nuckolls, Jim               Listed 1/1/66 as DE in Laurinburg, transferred to Rome, GA 11/1/68 as DE

O’Leary, Sam              Listed as DE in Coastal 3/84, then as DE in Bladen & Columbus Counties                    (Lakes)


Oppelt, Michael           Strarted 4/22/92 as Field Director


Osterhoudt, Chet          Listed as DE in Central 3/89


Owen, Clifton              Listed as DE in Brunswick fall 08


Owen, Doyle               Started as Camp Ranger late 9/96


Reap, John                 Introduced 5/16/62 as DE in Central. By February 1970 moved from East Carolina Council to West Palm Beach Council


Reilly, Joshua              Listed as DE in Lakes 7/03, listed as Field Director 3/06, became ASE in 2010 Accepted position of SE in Blue Grass Council as

                                of 1/1/13. However, resigned from profession effective 12/12/12

Richbourgh, David        listed as new DE for Waccamaw & Bladen Lakes

Ricks, Chuck               Started as DE in Central 7/7/99, gone by 1/1/02


Riley, Ralph                 Listed as Camp Ranger 1/1/62, retired 8/67

Robertson, Will            Introduced 4/12/11 as DE Lumber River District, resigned 5/31/2014


Robinson, Myron         Started as Camp Ranger 4/1/95


Rose, Paul                    Started 9/63 as DE in Whiteville, transferred to National Supply Service 1/15/68 By February 1970  Eastern Sales Manager


Palmer, Clifford E.      Started as DE 2/15/57 in Coastal & Pender, transferred to Gulf Ridge 8/1/60


Parrish, John                Listed 9/1/87 as DE in Western

Phillips, Jeremy           Listed as new DE in Coastal (Pender & Brunswick) 5/95, SDE 4/98, to Finance  Director 11/1/99


Pittman, R. E. (Rufus)  Started 3/3/41 as Asst SE, the first to hold such a position in council

Pretlow, Dennis            Introduced asDE 1/16/73, 3/13/73 in Waccamaw


Samuels, W. E. (Bill)   Started as DE 10/1/55 in Western District


Sartin, Bryan                New DE in Northeast Cape Fear 11/01, Finance Director by 9/16/2003


Satterfield, Scott          Listed as DE in Coastal (NH) 10/91

Schaller, chris             Listed as DE in Lakes District 11/2012, from Philmont Scout Ranch


Simpson, Jim               Started 9/1/67 as camp ranger, still ranger 1/1/72

Simpson, Lloyd             Started 9/16/79 as DE in Central, from Chattahooche Council, resigned by 7/80


Smith, J. Otis               Listed 3/17/43 as Field Executive, gone by 9/27/43 (colored FE)


Stutts, Elbert                Listed 11/13/57 in Western & the part of Coast Line RR. In February 1970 becomes SE Flint River Council


Stramara, David           Listed as DE in Western 5/1/2000, name change to Davis James in Sept 03


Sutton, Will                  Listed as DE in Western 10/91, gone by 6/92


Sweazey, W. Ray         Started 6/1/47 as SE, transferred to Region 2 as Deputy RE 11/30/50

Tapp, Davis                Started 7/14/2014 as DE in Lumber River District


Taylor, Brian               Started late 10/96 as DE in Central


Taylor, James K.          Listed 2/23/47 as new Field Executive, name may be James R. Taylor, Jr.

                                    Listed 1/1/48 in Fayetteville


Thomas, Daren            Listed as DE in Lakes 3/89, gone by 10/91


Tinsley, Carroll            Started 6/1/44 as Asst SE serving New Hanover County, resigns 10/1/46


Tully, Jack                   Started as District SE 10/7/53 in Bladen, Columbus & part of Brunswick


Turner III, William Robert       Started as DE in Western District 11/95


Tyson, Bill                   Listed as DE in Central 3/81


Vetter, Scott                 Listed as DE in Central fall 08


Walker, Eternal            Started 12/2/97 as Wilmington Sports Club Director

Walker, Kenneth          To begin as DE in Middle 8/15/62


Walters, Bill                 Listed as DE in Coastal (P&B) 10/91


Weihrauch, Jim            Listed new as DE in Central 1/90, gone by 10/94


Welch, Robert              Started 10/1/94 as DE in Coastal (P&B)


Wall, William C.            Started 5/1/55 as SE, reassigned as DE in Wilmington 5/70, retired 9/71 Terminated by action of the council board 7/15/71.

                                Allowed to retire 9/71                    

Wallace, Chap             Listed as DE in Western 8/05


Wallace, Reed W.        Started as DE 6/7/92 in Central District, became council Field Director 8/6/94

Wallin, Jr., Grant R.     Started 11/19/51 as Field Scout Executive in South Central replacing Knott

Walters, Bill                 Listed as DE in Coastal (P&B) 3/92, 10/1/94 becomes DE in Central

Watson, Stuart           Started as DE in Lakes 12/14/09

Weaver, John               Listed as DE in Masonboro 8/05, gone by 12/1

Weihrauch, Jim             Listed as DE 11/13/90

Wells, Glen                  Listed as DE in Central 12/82, resigned as DE in Central 3/86

Willett, Jeff                  Started 6/10/85 in Coastal, to DE in Central 3/86

Williams, Jeremy         Started as DE in Masonboro 9/12/2000, gone by 11/03

Williams, Roger           Listed 6/16/71 as DE in Waccamaw


Williamson, Bill           Started 6/11/51 as Field Scout Executive, resigned 12/20/52


Williamson, P. Kevin   Started 12/1/05 as DE in Masonboro


Worrell Jr., Herbert      Started 4/1/67 as DE


Yates, F. Hunter           Listed 6/21/42 as Field Scout Executive

Young, John                Started 9/72 as DE in Western resigned 12/76, designed first CFC CSP, became scouting volunteer, President of Blue Ridge                                            Mountains Council & then Area 7 of the Southern Region, received OA DSA award, Silver Beaver & Silver Antelope.


Zeldin, Andrew            Listed 4/15/08 as DE in Masonboro. Resigned 6/2011





3/31/40                        In last 4 years from 2 organized districts to 6, still 1 professional in council

2/1/41                          6 districts listed, Wilmington, Fayetteville, South-Central, Bladen, Western & Lumberton

6/20/44                        Staff:  Courtland W. Baker, Carroll, Tinsley (ASE), C. M. Gaskins (Fayetteville), Douglas W. King (Lumberton) & J/ Oatley Lee                                                (Lumberton)

9/21/44                        Lee in Lumberton, South Central & Bladen, King in Wilmington & Gaskins not listed


10/13/55                      There are 6 districts plus 4 Negro Divisions


10/20/58                      Staff: Bill Wall, C. E. Palmer, John Joyner & Elbert Stutts

4/28/60                        Staff: Bill Wall, C. E. Palmer, John Joyner (Whiteville) & Elbert Stutts (Laurinburg)

6/1/67                          Staff: Bill Wall, Paul Rose (Whiteville), Jim Nuckolls (Laurinburg) & Harold Johnston (Wilmington)

9/15/71                        Staff: Al Lane, Graham Lee, Don Mitchell, Dick Campbell, James Louden & Roger Williams

graham Lee (Wilmington), roger Williams (Whiteville), Don Mitchell (Laurinburg), dick McNeely Based in Lumberton as Intercity Service)

6/30/72                         Staff: No SE, Dick Campbell (Lumberton), 

3/1/89                          Staff: Dan Clifton, John Cabeza, Greg Magdanz (Coastal), Tommy Dickson (Exploring), Stephen Chappell (Coastal), Daren                                              Thomas (Lakes), Chet Osterhoudt (Central) & Craig Johnson (Western)

1/1/2000                      THE TIDE lists Jason McLeod as DE of Coastal B District

3/1/2000                      March/April THE TIDE contained an announcement of the new District alignment that had become effective 1/1/2000.

                                    District Staff:

                                                Northeast Cape Fear, Jason McLeod DE

                                                Masonboro, Patrick Boykin DE

                                                Central, Chuck Ricks DE

                                                Western, no DE listed

                                                Lakes, no DE listed

                                                Brunswick, Norman McDuffie DE

Fall 2008                     Staff: Doug Clevinger, Joshua Reilly, John Harniman, Andrew Zeldin (Masonboro), Scott Vetter (Central), Trey Glenham (NECF), Clifton Owen (Brunswick), Matthew Bull (Western), David James (Lakes) & Carey Davis (Ranger)

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